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Electronics Parts Bakelite Plastic Handle Injection Mold
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electronics parts Bakelite plastic handle injection mold

Bakelite injection molding process, progress and its property:

1. Bakelite injection molding

Bakelite is a kind of thermosetting plastic, its basic composition is phenolic resin. The molding progress including: put the raw material into injection molding machine barrel, heating the barrel and at the same time machine screw rotating, make the raw material plasticized into molten state, then under the push force of the screw, the raw material inject into the mould cavity. Bakelite will have cross-linking reaction, finally solidification. After the product molded, we open the mould and ejector the product.

Mold Material Selection:

General mold are skd61, dc53, heat treatment to 58 degrees to 63 degrees, the hardness is too high easy to crack, the temperature is too low easy to wear, the mold steel will generally choose heat treatment micro-variant, such as skd61, H13, 2343

Mold can be used in the dragon, or local custom.

Thimble with SKD61 material, heat treatment

Heat pipe holes are generally 13, the upper and lower mold of the two holes, the number of heating pipe and the size of the mold has a relationship between the general heating pipe in the middle than the wattage on both sides of the lower in order to maintain heat balance

Temperature control line hole deep 1 cm, m6 large.

Product exhaust open two, inside the 0.05mm outside the

0.07mm Slip up above can be used. Slip is common material can be.

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